Shepherd Calls Excellent Alice

Nessiebluebell Blair Fawn

Ch Archibald Beatnik From Magpie Valley

Zotti-Floppy Quamoclit Brown

Robita's Dazzling Star

Orora's Puss Moth

Black Dream Darling Von Der Steinsklöbe

Sergeant Pepper's Emotion Of A Big Love

Angy Vom Brauhausberg

Strawberry Fields Scotch Bluebell

Strawberry Fields Owen's Glen

Low-Pep Silvan-Blue

Strawberry Fields Fluffy Ruffles Brown

Lucky Number Tarna Merle

Ch Osmart Queen's Lucky Number

Osmart Wren Lizzie Black

Shepherd Calls Away April

Xancinetti Ducky Jonathan

Seagull To Have And Have Not

Britannia Stars And Stripes

Strike A Light Viva Victoria

Xancinetti Amity Momo

Cib, Ch The Lovely Heartbreaker's Cincinetti kid

Ch Gaver Beardies Xanadu

Vallarens Ulla-Bella

Boomtown Oban

Ch Hairdog's Picco Piccaro

Boomtown Easter Bunny

DVallarens Perla Pense

Ch Soundtrack's Dartan Young

Vallarens Anna-Stina